Open Letter to Edward Woodward

Dear Ed Woodward,

                              Hello there Mr Woodward. I shall not be indulging in any pleasantries with you because lets face it there has been nothing pleasant about your appointment as executive vice chairman of Manchester United.  Before We get to the core of the issues, I want to quickly thank David Gill for his beautiful work for Manchester united. He is someone who I overlooked in the past but I thank you Mr Woodward for making me  appreciate how much of an asset Mr Gill was to us and we will forever remember him.

First point of discussion Mr Woodward is, Do you even know what you are doing? You are supposed to back the new manager by helping him sign the players he needs to make the team his. You have been in the peripherals of the club for a while now and with your Business background I must say I expected more from you. It’s not all doom and gloom I must say as you have acquired a lot of sponsorship deals for the club and all but those precious deals of yours will mean nothing if you don’t back the manager on the pitch. Ultimately on pitch success brings off field success. If Mr Gill and Sir Alex didn’t leave the club in such a strong position would you be able to complete your numerous deals with tyre companies and tomato juice companies in Japan? I don’t think so. The way you have handled transfers in the transfer window has appalled me. Silly bids for Fabregas, Baines, De Rossi and even Fellaini have left us fans feeling dirty because our name has been dipped, dragged and stained by the mud you have decided to put us in. Let me help you out  Mr Woodward. If Mr Moyes comes with a name of a player for you, you don’t simply pick numbers in your head and make a silly bid. You talk to people at the club, find out if he is available, find out if the player is willing to move then you make a bid. You don’t just Fire your bids in there like a blind Rambo in battle seeking revenge. You should be more like Bond taking out your targets with finesse because this is not just some any random club, this is Manchester United!

Another point that’s really disturbing my soul is the Ander Herrera situation. Mr Woodward, What the hell was that? You actually knew he had a release clause and you bid 6 million below that? That reeks of  incompetence. Lets not even get into the whole false representatives thing because I will lose whatever cool I have left in my system. Even With Fellaini and Baines you actually sanctioned that bid to be faxed to Everton? 16 million for fellaini and 12 million for Baines. Mr Woodward are you really ready for this Job? These are key questions you should ask yourself because I’m sure you can do better than this.  Look at other directors like Daniel Levy. Mirror whatever he does because he is a COMPETENT MAN! He does what is best for the club! Its hard enough losing a gem like Sir Alex and a competent man like David Gill.  Please don’t make it worse with this incompetent behaviour. A lot of Man Utd fans are calling for you to get the chop. I will admit I will not be sad to see you go but I want to believe you can do better if you follow the advice I am about to give you.

Finally the advice I would give you Mr Woodward to solve all your problems with how the transfer market works is to play FOOTBALL MANAGER by SEGA and SI games. Their real life simulation of things can help you understand how things work in football. So that you don’t make a fool of yourself and the great club and Fans of Manchester United, I suggest you heed my advice. Many thanks and Good Luck

Yours Sincerely



Open Letter to David Moyes.

Dear Mr Moyes,

I am sure you are recovering Nicely after a long day of negotiations yesterday. Enjoy your rest because tough times are ahead. Like a lot of Manchester United fans across the globe I am worried about my beloved team. I am worried that you do not fully understand what it is to be a Manchester United manager. Now a lot of people will misinterpret this to mean that I am not backing you the new boss, I am a plastic fan, only a fan when we win and all that but this is not the case. It is because want you to be successful in your role because ultimately it will make us successful as a club.

Alright Lets dive right into the real issues. The First being transfers. My Moyes I commend you on your signing of Marouane Fellaini. He is a good midfield player and will give us the presence we have lacked in midfield since the days of Roy Keane. However, I have to question why you waited so long? Since you got the job I knew, You knew, We all knew that Fellaini was going to be a Manchester United player so I was really surprised to see you wait till the last min of the last day to get it done finally. Sometime in the summer Fellaini had a clause in his contract according to the media and confirmed by Roberto Martinez of 23 million pounds yet he’s being signed for 27.5 million. This does not represent good business Mr Moyes and we could have done with a player like him already in the ranks on Sunday when we played Liverpool. I understand you may not have had time to do all these things as you wanted because you had to prepare the squad you inherited for the new season as well but that’s the enormity of the job you have to be on the ball, there will always be no time in a club like Manchester United. I will not even go into the failed attempts to sign all the players because I know it’s not your fault. You wanted to sign players clearly but someone who we will not mention yet was to blame.

Secondly Mr Moyes, a defeat at Anfield in that manner is by no means acceptable. Even our captain said we were poor and need to improve so for you to some out and say we were brilliant baffles me.  Manchester United attack and never give up from first minute to the last but with your team I do not see that yet. I can Understand that maybe you are trying to encourage the mediocre cleverly and Welbeck by saying these things but I really hope in private you tell them as it is. I like how your team is shaped when defending. That’s something I have seen in your era that I am pleased with and I must commend you because last season we were conceding all the time. The point I am really trying to make is we as fans demand more from the team in matches like that. Yes we could lose the game but we want to see a decent effort not just a flat display. Please Mr Moyes we  are relying on you to continue our proud tradition of winning.

Lastly I would like to discuss Mr Ryan Giggs. I Love Giggs he is a true Legend and what he has done for the club may never be done again by another player. As much as I love him and other Fans love him too, I think you too should realize that he is on the last lap of his career and should not be integral to whatever we do. He should be an option for us.  I know for you he is an extraordinary player that you have never worked with before but I assure if you are looking for a player to consistently produce quality, it’s not him.  He still has a lot of quality one-off days in him so it’s up to you to find those days but please give the youngsters a chance like you said you would.  In conclusion I have faith in you to do the Job because you have all the tools to succeed so make it happen and I wish you all the best.

Yours Sincerely


Another Transfer Blow for David Moyes and Woodward?



The fact that this letter was even leaked to the public is just a disgrace! Moyes and Woodward are showing their incompetence when it comes to transfers and I must say I am gutted that the prestigious name of Man Utd is being dragged in the mud. Every other club is going about their business acquiring the players they need and want so I am not too sure what the big deal is. I try not to get involved in transfer dealings on 10maestro but I just had to say something after seeing this.

PFA Team of the Year Ratings!


A huge congratulations to the Double PFA winner Gareth Bale. Easily the best player this season in the premier league. He has been a real Beast! Pace, Power, dribbling technique are all just some of the powers this guy possesses. If he carries on with this for 2 more season he will be a real gem of a player for club(hopefully UNITED LOL)and country(he already is anyway). I will be looking at his ratings as later on in the post.

Now lets take a look at the team of the year…………..

GK. David De Gea (Manchester United)

De Gea

I am really Happy to see the lad here. He has matured from the stingy mistake ridden guy we saw last season. According to he averaged just under 7/10 all season and I think this is decent score for a second season. He will become United Number one for may seasons

RB. Pablo Zabaleta(Manchester City (SHITTYYY!) lol)


Ok I don’t like praising Man shitty players apart from Kompany but this guy has been very good this season. He has taken full advantage of Micah Richards Injury plagued season and the waste of money that is MAICON lol and he showed a lot of fight, determination and work rate that I didn’t think  Shitty players could have. Well done Zab!

LB. Leighton Baines (Everton FC)

Untitled update

Easily the best Left back of the season. Defending was a bit suspect at times but going forward ouuff! what a guy! and that sweet Left foot of his can do wonders with the ball. Should get a move this summer to a bigger club.

CB. Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United)


He had a wobbly start to the season but Rio seems to have completely re invented his game that was based on Pace to just getting in the right positions and killing attacks Dead! he is also Decent on the ball as well. I hope to see  an even Better Rio Ferdinand next season.

CB. Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham Hotspur)


The Spurs Defender has impressed me this season. He is very Solid and can play with the ball at his feet as well. He alongside Bale have been instrumental to Tottenhams season and I am sure there will be a lot of interest in him over the summer but i trust Levy! lol he won’t allow him go for cheap if at all.

CM. Michael Carrick (Manchester United)


“Its Carrick! you knooooooow! you’d never believe it’s not schooooooles” United fans will know this song lol Carrick has been Sensational all season! his passing makes me purr for joy lol he is a very slick footballer. what he added to his game this season  is the Defensive Midfielder Trait!  that ability to sniff danger  and almost immediately turn a defensive position to a counter attack. Well done son! I hope he gets even better next season

CM. Juan Mata


As we can see in the image above he has been deployed in a number of positions this season but his best in my opinion is the AMC position. He just seems very natural there. At times he has been the only one playing for Chelsea in some matches this season. He was the better of the other Spaniard in shitty by far this season. Chelsea fans are lucky to have him.

MR. Eden Hazard


Meh! lol I like Hazard……..well I used to until he chose to join the “champions league winners”  He is obviously a sick player with the ball but in games where Chelsea are not dominating i rarely see him. I think Michu should be here instead of him but hey lol the pfa know best ay?!

ML. Gareth Bale aka GBEAST!

gbale 2g bale 1

Nothing else to say on this lad just look at the stats and let it sink in!

ST. RobinVanPersie (Manchester United)

Van persie

Good first season from RVP.  He did have that drought but he blasted United to the league with that stunning volley and Hatrick! Well done san!

ST. Luis ‘Dracula’ Suarez

Suarez 2suarez 1

Apart from his relentless thirst for human flesh and blood lol this guys is a pretty special player! just look at those strengths and stats! without him I can confidently say  Liverpool would be in the bottom part of the table! FACT!

And there you have it! The team of the year! please like comment and subscribe to 10maestro! thanks for reading