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Season Review 2012/2013


The Curtain has once again Come down on the season. Its been an eventful season! Great Goals, Great passes, Great fast paced football, comeback and all sorts. We are  used to this in England. Although the season didn’t finish as crazy as it finished last year, Arsenal and Tottenham did give us some decent drama on the last day. 

We lost some good players to retirement like Jaime Carragher, Steve Harper and some Great ones too Paul Scholes and David Beckham even though he doesn’t play in the premier league anymore, he is one of the top players to play in the league. Most of all though we lost a LEGEND, A MYTH, A PHENOM! SIR ALEX FERGUSON! Words are not enough to express how great this man was for manchester United, England and British football. The premiership will be a lighter league with all these people gone but this is the chance for the younger lads to write themselves into football history.

Someone who is writing himself into premier league beastory( BEAST HISTORY) is Gareth Bale! This guy is showing shades of Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a constant Match winner for the spurs and it was a real shame that they didn’t make it to the Champions League. I reckon one more season like that with them will suffice and then I believe he should move.  As a Manchester United fan I would Love to see him wear the 11 shirt when Uncle Giggs finally retires. Lets take a moment to enjoy  him in action

Season Review 2012/2014

Highest Attendance: 75,605 Manchester United v Reading

Lowest Attendance: 15,436 Wigan Athletic v Reading

Highest Average Rating-  Gareth Bale & Luis Suarez. 7.89, 33 Games

Most Assists:  12 Juan Mata- Chelsea

Top Scorer:  26 Robin VanPersie Manchester United.

High scoring Game: 10: West Bromwich Albion 5-5 Manchester United, Arsenal 7-3 Newcastle United

Biggest Win: 8 Chelsea 8-0 Aston Villa

Most Games Won in a row: 7 games: Manchester United

Most Games Without Losing: 18 games: Manchester United

Most Games Without Winning: 16 games: Queens Park Rangers

Most Game Lost in a Row: 7 games: Reading

Most Team Points: 89 points Manchester United

Most goals Scored: 86 Manchester United

Fewest goals Conceded: 34 Manchester City, 0.89 per game

Most Clean Sheets: 18 Manchester City

My signings of the season: Michu – £2million-22goals, Christian Benteke- £7million-23 goals

My Flop of the season: Qpr and all Qpr staff and players

Overachievers: West Brom 8th- 49 points, Swansea (League Cup Winners), Wigan (FA cup Winners)

Underachievers: Newcastle United 16th- 41 points, Qpr 20th- 25 points

I look forward to next season with great optimism! The Premier League is going through a lot of changes next season. Financial Fair Play, Goal Line technology and Managerial Changes at  three of the clubs that finished in the top four. It will be interesting to see if this changes the dynamic of the so-called “top four”. Teams like Liverpool and Tottenham will see this as a chance to creep up on any of the teams that find the change hard to adjust to. I also look forward to World Class talent Coming Through! The likes of Falcao, Cavani and even Cristiano Ronaldo have been Rumoured to be coming to the Premier League! I for one would love to see the premiership restored as the BEST league in the world and I have a feeling next season is the season!

Nani Must GO!

I know I wrote this a couple of weeks ago but I don’t want this message to be lost HE MUST GO!

10 maestro

Manchester United v Wigan Athletic - Premier League


After yet another disappointing display by Nani in the FA cup game against Chelsea I just had to write about the reasons why his time at Man United should MUST! come to an end! I havent always liked Nani i must admit however he won me over 2 seasons ago with a string of Consistent and quality performances. The thing I have always hated about the lad is he is too inconsistent and very indecisive. For someone who was compared to cristiano Ronaldo a few years ago, he is a far cry from that player now. Yes he has had injuries and what not but that’s just part and parcel of the game. A player will get injured but it’s how you react to it that matters. For me Nani’s Body language shows he’s not even keen on united anymore. Maybe he wants a move to la liga? or…

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Who will win the Champions League poll.

All is right with the World again! CHAMPIONS AGAIN!

Champions_2013 (1)

It is with Great pleasure I am writing this post! I can say those famous words again! Manchester United are the Champions!!! I have to say I had my doubts this season. Even after the defeat to Manchester shitty I thought we were going to have an Almighty wobble again but we did it!

Alright enough of all that emotional talk. The real challenge however begins now! Manchester United simply cannot let the noisy neighbours reclaim that top spot again. I have all summer to talk about that though so I won’t go into that either.

Mancini Claims his side are better than THE CHAMPIONS. The unfortunate thing about this statement is that it is true! with the team he has he should be wining the league and be thereabouts in the champions league. The fact that they havent been able to do that is a stain on him and he really should stop going on about it. With all the money and the ability he has at his disposal and to be so far off the pace? what does this say about Mancini himself? SAF(the best manager alive) has done this with sheer determination and a team ethic that is just amazing. Also we have RVP!! the lad came to play yesterday! he rose to the occassion and delivered when it mattered.  When i saw Robin Van Persie score that Goal against Everton when he was at Arsenal I thought it wouldnt get better than that but boy! it sure does. Here are some gifs of the famous goal. ENJOY!