Hello dear readers. Unfortunately my team has been knocked out of the champions league and a feeble second half on sunday against chelsea has made it difficult for me to write. I am distraught still with the Nani Red card and bitter about conceding a 2 goal lead against the Chelsks( Chelsea). I am however working on a few articles and Before the end of the week you will see some exciting posts from me. keep following, keep reading , tell your friends about it and enjoy



Hello Guys!! I would like to welcome you all to my new BLOG about football. I support Man United and My birth country The super eagles of Nigeria!!!! but I can still come up with a non biased view of things I can assure you haha! Most of my writing will be about the English premier league as it is the closest to me. I will definitely write about big tournaments as well e.g. World cup and Champions league. Here is a taster of my writing. read and enjoy