The Tikki Takka Style Football Manager 2013 Part 1

Hello guys! This is going to be my first post about one of my favourite games of all time FM13!  I have been a football manager player since the days of Championship manager 01/02 when flashing texts if GOAL!!! made you scream for joy 🙂

I am a very HUGE fan of the Barcelona style of play and I believe football should be played this way. Yes Barcelona have the best players so it makes the style easy to play for them and even harder to beat but i Disagree. I believe that if players are cultured from a young age to play this way, then there will be many more iniesta’s, Xavis’s and busquets of this world to come out of Barcelona and other clubs if they chose to adopt that style.

I would like to Recreate this style of play on FM13! I shall be posting regular updates about the tactics and results, formation tweaks and all.

Here is a peak into what i have created so far!


I have gone with this formation because i am trying to recreate the triangles that Barcelona make when they are passing as seen in the video above.

match stats

Although it was against leicester and i have a mega squad already(this is a season i am playing with my friend Mr Jurgen Baine! a fine manager that pushes me to the limit all the time) here you can see the possesion bit of the game seems to be ok but i feel it still needs a bit of tweaking.  I will try to make vids also so you can see how it works. If you have any comments to make on this or opinions and advice please feel free to comment! Many thanks and keep playing!






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